Ways to Make Money or Start a Side Hustle

It a super challenging time right now, as we all know. There's lots of uncertainty and honestly.. lots of fear and worry. I feel it and I'm sure you do too. I don't know what your current situation is, but I do want to offer some solutions to making an income that might help you out.

I realize that these ideas might not be the best fit for everyone. Just take a look, it might spark an idea for you.

1. Delivery services: Door dash, Instacart, Ubereats, or Postmates -- I bet these are thriving right now with our current situation!

2. Have a skill? Can you tutor (online), do some kind of coaching, or do you have home improvement skills you can teach online? Lots of professions are going online right now.

3. SwagBucks and ShopKicks are ways to earn a little money or gift cards for the future.

4. Join the social marketing company.

According to Entrepreneur.com here are some top side hustles:

1.Sell items on Ebay or Craigslist

2. Recycle used smartphones of Gazelle

3. Drive for Uber or Lyft (people should be staying home these days though)

4. Deliver for Postmates (as I said above)

5. Create an online course - what skills do you have?

6. Start a blog - this well take time and consistency, start now.

7. Use Upwork to find personal assistant work

8. Know another language? Teach it!

9. Play an instrument? Teach it! - this can all be done online as well!

10. Reduce your expenses. Check your Apple account for subscriptions you can cancel. Cancel cable or call around to see if you can get a lower rate.

We not agree on this, and thats okay (everyone is different, right?), however, I think right now is an awesome time to join a social marketing company. Having a plan B is always a good idea.

Right now, my personal training business has come to stop. No gyms. No clients at the gym to train. No income. Some have switched to online training which is great, but I'm grateful that Plexus is my plan B and I can still rely on that income stream right now.

Partnering with a premium supplement company might be the solution for you to build your savings, pay off debt, save for retirement or provide your household with an extra source of income.

I hope this sparked an idea for you!

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