3 Stretches for Tight Hips

Many people spend a lot of time sitting down. In the car, at your desk at work, feeding your babies, etc. As a result, you may experience tight hips, limited range of motion or chronic back pain. Performing hip openers can go a long way toward improving general mobility and alleviate discomfort. These are stretches I try to do daily to help my tight hips!

The following hip openers can be used as part of a warm-up or performed after a lot of sitting. As with any exercise or stretch, repetition and consistency are the keys to success.

Seated Internal Rotation

  • Begin in a seated position with feet flat on the floor.

  • Move to a modified hurdler/pigeon stretch, with the left knee pointing out from the hip at about a 45-degree angle.

  • Roll to a seated position, keeping the feet flat on the floor and the knees wide. Sit as tall as possible and pull the hips toward the heels.

  • Roll to the right side and assume a modified hurdler stretch, with the right knee pointing out from the hip at about a 45-degree angle.

  • Move from side to side in a dynamic flow, holding each side for three to five seconds.

  • Perform 10 to 15 repetitions

Runner's Lunge

  • Begin in a half-kneeling position on a cushioned mat, with the right foot forward.

  • Tuck the pelvis and keep the spine in neutral alignment. Hold this hip-flexor stretch for five to 10 seconds.

  • Move the right foot lateral to the body, keeping the knee aligned with the center toe. Sink the hips toward the knee. Hold this adductor stretch for five to 10 seconds.

  • Perform 10 repetitions of each stretch.

Seated Glute Stretch or Butterfly

  • Begin in a seated, cross-legged position, with the right foot tucked into the left thigh.

  • Lean the torso forward over crossed legs. Hold for five to 10 seconds.

  • Perform with the opposite foot tucked

Make sure to breathe into these exercises. Start small. Hold for 10 seconds. As you improve, you can continue to add seconds to these stretches.

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