Keeping your Littles ones Healthy

Sickness is among us! Part of protecting our children is keeping them healthy. Part of keeping them healthy is feeding them wholesome foods and supplemental nutrition which is ALWAYS important, but especially during these winter months.

Here are my top tips for keeping kids healthy!

🍭Limit Sugar Intake: Read labels, choose healthier snacks, opt for fruit sweetened treats. Cut the juice! Keep in mind that store bought fruit juices have little to no nutritional benefits and are basically sugar water. Stick to water, and flavor with fruit or cucumbers. Also, check your children's yogurt, fruit snacks, and fruit/food pouches for added sugar or artificial sugars.

🌤Sun! Get your littles out in the sun when possible where you live! Vitamin D from the sun needs to be absorbed into the skin over time so skip the bath a night or 2 after sun exposure.

🖤Gut Health: Littles need a healthy gut and microbiome just as adults do. 85% of our immune systems are in our gut. Adults and kids should be using a probiotic for immune health and overall wellness. If your child has been on antibiotics or eats meat (commercial meats are loaded with ABX), a probiotic is crucial for restoring gut health.

💊Vitamins: Unless your children eat a perfect low sugar all organic veggie filled diet, vitamin supplementation is highly beneficial. You can do this by adding kids nutritional shakes (NOT pre-made shakes, those contain added sugar and/or artificial sweeteners) and multivitamins to bridge the gaps. Opt for a kids multi that has methylfolate NOT folic acid and is not loaded with sugar. Gummies are a no-go for us. Want me to make a blog post of my favorite kid-friendly, healthy smoothies? Share this blog post!

Ever since Garden of Life sold to Nestle we ditched Renzo's probiotic... I was SO happy this new one came out because it's not just a probiotic but a 2 in 1 multivitamin/probiotic combo. Methylated, non GMO and nothing artificial. This has been our secret weapon for the last couple of months. 🙌🏼Perfect for your kiddos or if you do not like swallow capsules.

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