10 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

No one wants to count calories and track their food intake everyday. That's exhausting. However, in order to lose weight, we need to reduce our calorie intake.

Reduce your calories + burn more calories = weight loss

Stay tuned for a blog post all about easy ways to burn more calories during the day.

1. Sugary drinks.

Why drink your calories when you can eat them? Say no to soda, juice, sugary alcoholic drinks and coffee creamer. These can cost you anywhere from 60 to 250 calories a day depending on how much you consume. YIKES!

2. Limit your condiments

Mayo, ranch, catsup etc. are all calorie filled items we can live without. Coming from the queen of dips, limit your intake of these and your waistline will thank me later.

3. No your triggers

Are you the person who hangs out by the chips and dip at the party? I know myself and if I have one chip, then I'm done for. I know they are one of my trigger food so I avoid them all together. What are yours?

4. The dinner trick

Make your plate then immediately store any leftovers in the fridge or freezer. That way, you won't be tempted to get up for seconds.

5. Plan your meals

This is always the hardest for me. I'm not a cook or do I enjoy planning out my meals. However, when I do, I stay on track and my skinny jeans thank me :). I like to make a bunch of different veggies and different carbs options so I can mix them up throughout the week.

6. Food Journal

This is something I have my 1:1 clients do. Write down what you eat for a whole week. Most people will stop and think about what they are eating because they have to write it down.

7. Eating out of the bag

Do not eat anything out of a bag or container. Place your meal or snack of a plate or in a bowl so see precisely how much you're eating.

8. Olive oil

Choose olive oil -based dressings instead of creamy types. Also, use olive oil in your cooking.

9. Pizza time

Choose thin pizza crust over deep dish and save some major calories

10. Re-think your coffee

A medium 18-ounce latte make with whole milk has 265 calories. A small 12-ounce latte made with fat-free milk has 125 calories.

Simple, little things add up in big ways. If you truly want to lose and prevent weight regain, find sustainable ways to cut back on calories. In addition, start a workout program to improve your overall health and burn major calories.

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