5 Things Healthy Moms do Everyday

Let's face it moms, we put ourselves last. All. The. Time. But let's think about this. If we are sick, exhausted, stress out, and don't feel good about ourselves, how can we say that we are doing best by our family. Just being real here. Your health is just as important as your kiddos. Yep, I said it. You need to take of yourself so can give her babies the best momma!

Here are some simple things to add to your day to make sure you are taking care of yourself the best you can.

1. Don't skip breakfast.

I was always a breakfast eater, until I had my daughter, then I struggled to get breakfast in. In the morning, my baby girl is full of energy, she wants to laugh and play and I just don't want to miss anything or put her in her little seat when she's in such a great mood. I always try to at least get some protein in. I'll make myself a protein shake and drink it while we are playing, then I will breakfast when she takes her morning nap!

2. Drink enough water.

Water is life. Literally. You should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water. Daily. Seems like a lot but its necessary. My trick: I have a million different cups. They are cute and make drinking water a little more enjoyable.

3. Sleep.

LOL right?! But its important! Saying this to a new mom is laughable, but try to get sleep when you can. It's hard to "sleep when the baby sleeps", I know, but I at least tried to rest when she was napping during the day at first. If you have to choose sleep or working out, choose sleep when you have a newborn. Your body needs to recover.

4. Don't stress.

Another LOL right?! But stress can lead to so many health problems. Its important to take time for yourself. Even if its just a long shower! The first two months of Aubree's life were full of sleepless night, wondering if I'm doing right by her, and being so overwhelmed when John returned to work (he's a paramedic and works 24 hour shifts).

My tips: Take time for yourself - so important

Get ready every single day - I always got dressed, even if it was in comfy workout clothes.

Laugh more- watch a short funny video, play with your little one, talk on the phone with a friend

One thing that really helped was taking a stress relieving probiotic. I noticed a huge difference in my mommy meltdowns when I was consistently taking this.

5. Take a multivitamin. Everyday.

Like I've said, your health is important. You will feel better when your getting your daily recommended about a nutrients and a multivitamin will help with that.

Mom, your health is important. You have to keep up with those kiddos! Make your health a priority!

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