Healthy kids, healthy family!

It's that time of year, cold and flu season. I was always a sick kid from the beginning. Colds, strep throat, the flu, you name it, I probably got it. Now, as an adult and mother myself, I have learned how to arm my family with a proper tools to stay healthy all year long.

Here are a few tips to help your kids make healthier choices (and you too!):

Monkey see, monkey do.

We cannot expect our kids to make better choices when we wont't. Children learn their habits from their parents.Start making these healthy choices yourself and watch your little ones follow!

Positive reinforcement.

When making healthier changes, we want our children to see it as a positive thing. Start talking about what they CAN do, not what they can't do.

Add in veggies without them knowing.

Tricky. Tricky. Here's my trick (I do this all the time), I add spinach to my fruit smoothies! Your smoothie will not turn green because the fruit (berries) will dominate the color. Also, you can't taste it either!!

Move together.

Family walks, trips to the park, and dance parties in the living room. Move together. Play together. Be part of your children's activities. If you're little is well...too little for dance parties, workout with them in the room! My little girl loves watching me workout. We smile and laugh, its so much fun!

Start your day strong, and with good health.

The reasons you take a daily multivitamin—filling nutritional gaps, supporting your immune system, and improving your gut health—are the same reasons your kids should be taking a children’s multivitamin.

Healthy habits developed early in life will bring lifelong benefits. Encourage your kids to make healthier food choices and physical activity habits.

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