As a woman craving health + financial freedom, you know its so much more than, eat well, exercise, and post on facebook.

But solving these problems can be overwhelming.


Hiring a personal trainer, nutritionist, and/or coach can be expensive


Finding true support and community can be exhausting 


And knowing what to do to get the results you crave can feel impossible  

You're invited to Join the exclusive VIP Holistically FIT squad 

Who is the Squad for?


What are people saying?

Join a private facebook group where you can listen to what people think about the squad.

pressure free.


Want to make this a business?


Here is what you will receive:

- ME as your personal coach- A Welcome Kit with everything you could need to start your very own Health + Happiness Business

- Access to exclusive #TheHolisticallyFitSquad ONLY FB groups

- Weekly LIVE Masterclasses + Q&A Sessions- Access to self-paced online training lessons

- 1:1 coaching calls with me + group mentoring- An amazing support system & tribe to lift you up and empower you every step of the way

- Access to workout videos, meal plans, lifestyle content, health coaching calls etc. (HFS)

- Buy into a ground-floor projected Billion dollar company

- Start creating your residual income stream now

My Story...

SO, you're ready for results!

Why Should You Join?

You will have lifetime access to some of the best fitness, holistic healing, lifestyle, mindset, and business content out there.
A creative, motivated, and inspiring group of women who want more and are ready to go get it. 
You'll have a supportive community of women who want the same as you, to be holistically free.

How do I Get Started?

Still have Questions?
Watch this.

Why Holistic Supplements?

Sixty percent of Americans are experiencing dysbiosis in their gut right this second which impacts their mood, weight, stress, bloat and so much more!

Gut Health

More than 40 percent of American adults aren’t getting enough key nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, calcium, and magnesium. Our eating habits are contributing to this issue. Supplements fill in these much needed gaps.


You're busy. We know!

Balancing your blood sugar and getting a good night sleep are key to having sustained energy throughout the day. These supplements can help!


Anti Aging

The average American woman uses 16 beauty products before leaving the house...every day!  The best skincare solution is one that works to balance your skin’s microbiome while also actively fighting signs of aging.


If I have a friend who's in the Squad already can I enroll underneath her?

Absolutely! Just make sure you join with one of the supplement packages above. Ask your friend for their personal website and ID. 

Do I have to make a monthly purchase to stay in the squad?

Once you buy your supplement pack, you're in the squad for life. No other purchases required. HOWEVER, I have exclusive content to those who continue their holistic health journey with the squad by purchasing monthly. You also have the opportunity to make some extra spending cash when you stay consistent on your supplements, plus you'll feel AMAZING.

How does it all work?

Click the link below.  Or ask your friend for their link. You'll be taken to the Plexus website, this is the supplement company we use. Enroll with one of the welcome packs. I'll get a notification that you joined the squad. YAY! I'll send you an email ( within 48 hours with a special link so you can join our private FB group. That's it! 

Or, ask your friend for their website to join the squad!






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